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We are
Experts in:

The development of international trade


Working with experienced experts we propose effective solutions. We focus on innovative systems, product technologies or services.

To get results we discuss with our customers the feasibility by detecting the most cost-effective way to export their products, know-how or services.

We also find the products or services sought by our customers.
If you can be interested please contact us.

We are also looking for experts interested in becoming our partners.


Every market having his own specific needs our association

works with experienced professionals having local Knowledge.

1.We find for our clients :

  • Importers or distributors
  • Potential partners as licensee or franchise holder
  • Companies interested in a Joint Venture, Technology Transfer
  • Subcontractors interested in manufacturing products in their country


  1. We are European representatives for :


Range of 100% natural, cold saponification Biodegradable handmade soaps 80gr  

– Range of 100% natural bath ball 60gr biodegradable


 We are looking for local resellers  

  Full dossiers upon request



   Led flashing safety vests  Avoid accidents at night due to poor visibility

  We are looking for local resellers  Full dossier upon request       


  1.       Contracts :

      We work on a project by project basis and sign a contract for each specific job.


  1. Opportunities :

      We are looking for local experts wanting to cooperate with us

       –   Introduce or represent in their area RBS or TECHNOVELTIES

            –   Present us innovative products or services they wish to introduce through our network.

         The following areas are of special interest:

         –  Biological products, local specialties

         –  Anti-heat products, excluding para-pharmaceutical ones.

       for instance fans 

   –  Looking for Partners to develop a new Project:

     In this respect we are looking for proposed solutions to avoid destructions caused by hurricanes


If you are interested let us discuss about it 

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